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When people call for encore after a concert
I hate to be that elephant in the room
Rather want to go home

Old White Men

Genesis 1.1

Lazy Days


Sometimes I wonder
What is the difference between 'false balance' and 'empowerment'
Other then the point of view

Happy Birthday

I made a new friend




Favorite Places

After reading Charles Taylor
I understood how my|self came to being



When you look carefully
gold can be found at most unexpected places




In China
I was actually surprised
Europe was not in the center of a world map

I feel you sister

Pretty Birds

Once I had a Butterfly Pea Flower in front of my house.
Insects lived in it.
Birds, rats and geckos ate from it.
After my neighbors took it away they got a feeding station for birds.
Here only the pretty ones are wanted.

Betty left me home alone with a lot of vegetables like
Cauliflower, Carrots, Cabbage...
I cant eat it all so i decided to Pickle them.

Lets cut ...

Cook the Vegetables for 5 Minutes

Let it cool
Fill in the container
Add as much of the liquid as possible
Keep for some days before eating

Apples make me think of my friend Sebastian.
We shared a house for some wonderful years

At the end of summer
When the whole garden was full of apples
He made his famous Apple crumble.

When i gave a piece to my new neighbour
She filled the plate with some Misal
I heard its custum to never return an empty plate.



I dont think walls are such a bad thing
If just their gates would not only open in one direction.

Before I can start baking a Mulberry Cheesecake I need to get

500g Quark

Quark is something so natural in a German supermarket that I was once again surprised about an ingredients geographic limitations

To make my own Quark I mixed 1 Litre of raw milk with 1 Tbsp Lemon Juice
After around 16-18 hours the milk will get sour.

Heat the mix no higher then 50°C until the milkparts seperate.
Fill in a cheese cloth and let drip for another 12 hours.

Suddenly my whole world turned dark

Later people told me

My condition was critical
When i was found in the daugh

I had already lost a lot of beans

My memories of what followed are still quite blured.

When I recoverd
a beautiful gift was waiting for me

To finish the cake
Smoothly fold the Quark and last the beaten Eggwhites under Custard mix

Give half of the daugh in a baking tray.
Evenly spread 50g Mullberries on it and fill it up with the remaining dough.

Bake for 30min on 180°C and an other 10min on 100°C

Cheese Cake


Making Sorpotel comes with many expectations.
You would find as many recipies as you find christian families in India.

I hope I can do them justice.


1kg Porkbelly

Slice the skin
give it a brush with honey
and grill it in the oven till it gets a nice crust

What gives the Sorpotel its unique and warm flavour is the masala .
Seperately roast:

8 Cloves
8 Peppercorns
8 Green Cardamon Pods
2” Cinnamon
1 Tbsp Cumin seeds

and most importantly

50g deseeded Kashmiri Chillies

Grind all the spices in a food processor
to make it into a thick paste
soak the powder in some water and keep aside.

Now cut the porkbelly in small cubes
keeping all the layers of meat, fat and skin together.

Heat 4-5 Tbs of oil in a big pot
and give the meat a stir fry.

After all the meat is fried and kept aside
use the same pot with the remaining fat to fry finely chopped

2 Onions
10g Ginger
25g Garlic


3 fresh Green Chillies

Saute until the onions get transparent.
Once the edges get brown introduce it to the masala paste.
Give a good stir.

It will smell very nice now :)

Prevent the masala to dry by adding little water if needed
add the meat to it and cook for 5 minutes

In the same container you used to make the masala paste
mix the remains with 1 Tsp Sugar and water.

Give this stock to the meat and let it come to a boil


250ml Coconut Vinegar

and let it simmer on low flame for around 2 hours

Finaly add

1 Tbsp Salt

(additional Salt and/or Vinegar if needed)

Eating it with Bettys famous Dal makes it an elephanticious sunday meal.


Voice Messages

There is something unsettling about receiving long voice messages.
Neither being an actual message nor conversation one rather listens to an other person trying to figuere out what he or she actually wants to say.
The longer it takes the more difficult it gets to keep track and put the pieces together to give a proper reply.



A trailer used to be a short version of a film
to see if you would like to watch the full feature
now you first get to see a short clip before the trailer
to decide if you want to take time for the preview



Gefährder , Rückkehrer , Balkanroute , Wellen , Obergrenzen ...
Scar(y)ing words, tested and approved in the political language on security since 9/11 found their continouing use in the pandemic as well.

'Your Family, Your Responsibilty'



Black & White draw the extrem ends
not to cross
what the image is about lies in the greytones

I am Nimboo

Hello World!